12 Guided Meditations for Healing and Spiritual Advancement

Connect with 10 Archangels, the High Priestess and Your Master Soul Personality

Each of the guided meditations with Kathy Roseborough is unique. Play them in a series or draw the guided meditation out for healing and guidance that you need on any particular day. A complete library!

#1 – Archangel Sandalphon – for physical, material guidance and insights (eg. home, environment, foundation, career, financial stability)

#2 – Archangel Gabriel – for emotional guidance, insights, healing (eg. relationships, family, friends, community, sexuality, dramas cleared)

#3 – Archangel Michael – for intellectual direction (eg. research, communication, organization, structure, protection, boundaries, formative mind)

#4 – Archangel Haniel – for intuitive development, creativity, design, re-creation of areas stagnant in your life’s expression)

#5 – Master Soul Personality – access Akashic records, Core issues that you brought into this lifetime, Soul plans.

#6 – Archangel Raphael – healing to all issues and physical body symptoms, pain, emotional clearing, transformation, sending healing to others

#7 – Archangel Kamael – for correction to karma, access and insights on balance, justice, Higher Mind, development of self-discipline, expression from throat chakra

#8 – Archangel Tzadkiel – for development of your teaching, healing skills, alignment with Soul’s Will, surrendering to guidance from Soul

#9 – The High Priestess – for access to the Greater Mysteries of Life – insights as to your Greater Soul History, purpose, Direction for Realizations beyond human form. She will decide what is best.

#10 – Archangel Tzaphkiel – for access to the Divine Plan – Universal insights, education regarding the Divine Matrix, connection to Divine MOTHER

#11 – Archangel Raziel – for access to Divine Power – boosting and giving strength and Wisdom through Love, for overcoming lifetimes of old programs use both #9 and #10

#12 – Archangel Metatron – the Lord of Light – for Divine alignment, initiation, acceleration, knowing and when you feel it is time for an advancement

The insights you receive will build with use. A journal is suggested for this work. Interaction with the many different gifts of the Archangels quickly advances you andĀ opens you up to the life you were meant to live. Consider the old program gone. Live the Golden Age consciousness now.


Cost: $120 for total set.

Please allow 7 days if you wish to receive on a CD mailed to you. If you prefer the mP3 audio download files emailed to you then you can obtain within 2 business days.