50 Shades of Violet – a workshop about Pure Love !

The Violet Ray bring our illustrious St. Germain & His Flaming Ray of Healing and Transformation on this very special Day! Violet - The Healing … [Continue Reading]

50 Shades of Violet

For Men Only – Prevention & Treatment of Prostate and Heart Disease

For Men Only Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Disease including Cancer. Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease due to Stress and Anxiety … [Continue Reading]


For Women Only – Prevention & Treatment of Breast/Reproductive Disease

For Women Only Prevention and Treatment of Breast cancer and fibrous lumps. Prevention and Treatment of Uterine - Reproductive System cancer. … [Continue Reading]


Trigger RESET Program – Neural Pathways

  YOU NEED TO CREATE "NEW TROUGH"....CARVE OUT...and REBUILD the BRAIN as an Instrument for the DIVINE MIND ! Reprogramming Neural Pathways … [Continue Reading]


Meditations for Pleasant Dreams – Adults and Children

Bad Dreams? Nightmares? Restless Sleep? Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive & Healer, has years of experience guiding students in meditation to their … [Continue Reading]


2015 – House/Property Energy Clearing !

You are getting yourself clear and aligned while you manifest your dreams and goals in 2015...but what about your house?  What about the family? … [Continue Reading]

Home Sweet Home

Throat Chakra Healing Stones & Guided Meditation

Wonderful healing for the throat chakra for Self expression, fullness, confidence and a powerful way to start manifestation of your Soul purpose! With … [Continue Reading]

throat chakra stones