Kathy Shares Her Secrets of Healing, Energy Work & Reading!

New !!!  4 Days - Become Efficient at Taking Care of Yourself, Your Home & Others Too! Learn "Do it Yourself" Clearing, Reading, Healing & … [Continue Reading]

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The Power of the ALL Within You! – 4 day Summer course

Spiritual Pathwork, Healing and Guided Meditations for you this SUMMER!  We will go into detailed energy work on your endocrine glands which are the … [Continue Reading]


12 Gates to Higher Consciousness!

The 12 Gates – Streamlining POWER into your Vision, Dreams & Goals Hello to each one of you!   It's time for you to receive 12 GIFTS !! I am … [Continue Reading]


Find out the Meaning of your Dreams & Visions!

"Meaning of your Dreams & Visions!" Ever wonder what your dreams mean?  Wish you could discover the hidden mysteries behind your dreams?  Kathy … [Continue Reading]

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Reiki Level I & II

Instructors: Kathy Roseborough & Wendy Malinen, Reiki Masters Reiki Levels I and II taken over a 2 day-course period cover the complete … [Continue Reading]


New ! HOME STUDY COURSE – A Healing Odyssey: Your Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment

Total Chakra assessment & Guided Meditations, teaching and healing process! HOME STUDY PROGRAM - Personalized to you! Includes a 1 hour … [Continue Reading]


7-Day Universal Program – Opening to Abundance!

Audio teaching and healing through guided meditation. Are you struggling to get your business to a level of success you wish to see? Do you have … [Continue Reading]

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