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  Enjoy a monthly teaching module and a guided meditation to help you to develop your chakras which in turn will give you a stronger Aura … [Continue Reading]

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World Healing for Peace on UNITED NATIONS DAY !

UNITED NATIONS DAY - World Healing Meditation for Peace ! WORLD HEALING HEADQUARTERS  presents this life changing event..."Heal yourself; … [Continue Reading]

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Kathy Shares Her Secrets of Healing, Energy Work & Reading!

New !!!  4 Days - Become Efficient at Taking Care of Yourself, Your Home & Others Too! Learn "Do it Yourself" Clearing, Reading, Healing & … [Continue Reading]

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Energizing Astrologically your 12 Tissue Salts

AUTUMN - A TIME FOR STORING ENERGY HEALING YOUR BODY with CELL SALTS Mineral deficiency is common in people due to the agricultural soils being … [Continue Reading]


7-Day Universal Program – Opening to Abundance!

Audio teaching and healing through guided meditation. Are you struggling to get your business to a level of success you wish to see? Do you have … [Continue Reading]

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Reflexology Day – Learn the Basics & Enjoy a treatment too!

Reflexology 101 - Learn to help your family, friends & you! Would you like to be able to help your family and friends with the health and well … [Continue Reading]

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Hit the Reset Button Workshop!

If you are still stuck in the old paradigm of fear, worry, angst and suffering...time to trust the Universal Laws of Cycles, Karma, Destiny & … [Continue Reading]

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