12 Solar Rays – SOUND Healing & Guided Meditation!

Mid-Summer's Night Dream - David Hickey; Crystal Journey and Kathy Roseborough present: THE 12 SOLAR GATES ! Workshop & Performance with … [Continue Reading]

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Private Mentoring – Study & Guided Meditations just for you !!

Are you looking for help on your Spiritual Path?  Trying to figure out just what exactly is the way to one's Spirituality? 

 As an Intuitive … [Continue Reading]

Summer Solsice

Certified Etheric Practitioner – CEP

School of Etheric Healing WESTERN Office For in-class study or long distance at home study with support The Certified Etheric Healing … [Continue Reading]

Certified Etheric Practitioner Course

Registered Etheric Health Practitioner – Full Body Spectrum

Full Body Spectrum - 10 modules of Study - Energy systems and Overview of the Anatomy These 10 modules present one anatomical system per module for … [Continue Reading]


Registered Etheric Health Practitioner – Our Signature Course here at the School of Etheric Healing!

It all started back in 1998 when the "Gates" to Ancient Mystery School Teachings opened and the Teachings began to channel down through to Kathy … [Continue Reading]


Kabbalah – Archangel Cards & Healing Stones – 4 Worlds! NEW!

NEW ! The Universal Teaching of Kabbalah  -  The vibrational healing of the natural gems of the EARTH plus the Divine Intelligence of our Beloved … [Continue Reading]

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Tree of Life – Intro to Kabbalah – 2 Day Course in Person or Home Study

Kabbalah - Intro to the Tree of Life   JUNE/JULY 2015! Instructor: Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles Many are turning to the study … [Continue Reading]

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